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This is it, the final boss theme. I wanted to put Live A Live's Megalomania in here but I didn't get to so I made my own last boss song. I pretty much just yelled whatever I felt like into a mike and copied it down. Yep. Took forever, but it was superkickass-worth-it. Total embodiment of final bossitude.
— Toby Fox[1]

Megalovania is a track composed by Toby Fox which has since appeared in numerous projects to which he has contributed. The song first appeared in EarthBound Halloween Hack, where it plays during the second phase of the Dr. Andonuts fight. After being reused in Homestuck, as well as Undertale, it has become one of his most popular tracks.

The inspirations for Megalovania include Megalomania from Live A Live and Gadobadorrer from Brandish 2: The Planet Buster.

Megalovania has become Toby Fox’s most popular piece of music. It has been led to many remixes and covers on YouTube with most of them gaining millions of views, the original from Undertale getting almost 100 million views.

Appearances in other media[]


Megalovania's next mainstream appearance was in the Homestuck soundtrack, in which it took several forms:

  • Megalovania (AlterniaBound version) (Unused)
  • MeGaLoVania
  • Brodylovania (Unused)
  • The Blind Prophet (AlterniaBound bonus track)
  • She's a Sp8der (Alterniabound 08)
  • Highblood of the High Seas (Unused)
  • FIDUSPAWN, GO! (Alterniabound 09)
  • Do The Homestuck (Unused)

Another version of the track appears in Homestuck spin-off visual novel Pesterquest under the name "Yeah It Is", referencing the question that might be asked, "is this Megalovania?"[Citation needed]


The song appears again in the Undertale soundtrack, this time stylized as MEGALOVANIA. It plays during Sans's boss battle at the end of the Genocide Route.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

The song appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a song included as part of the Sans costume pack. It can only be selected on stages that allow all music, or miscellaneous music.


  • Megalovania is a portmanteau of "megalomania" and "Transylvania".[2]
  • The Rony Roller Circus Troupe performed an orchestral version of Megalovania for the Pope in a weekly Vatican meeting in mid-January, 2022.
  • Another version of the track appeared in Mother: Cognitive Dissonance (which Toby was not involved with) called Megalovania - Clash with a Doctor.
  • The track Megalo Strike Back Toby created for the EarthBound fan album I Miss You - EarthBound 2012 is commonly believed to be a "sequel" to Megalovania, as it has "Megalo" in its name, and uses the same guitar sample from EarthBound. The connection is unconfirmed by Toby.
  • The version found in Undertale and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is in the D Minor Blues/Pentatonic[citation needed] scale, whereas all other mainline versions (MeGaLoVania and the EarthBound Halloween Hack) are in A minor Blues/Pentatonic[citation needed].
  • In 2022, the song was played at the Vatican as part of a papal audience circus act for Pope Francis.[3]


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